At Liquidations Plus we are re-imagining ecommerce by combining top quality retail value with auction, to provide you an on-the-go bargain shopping experience.

Wonder how we work?


We source returns and overstocks from top brands.


The best quality items are chosen for auction.


Place them into live auction for bidding and winning.

About Us

Liquidations Plus is a family owned business with their main headquarters located in Olive Branch, MS. It is privately owned by two brothers. Liquidations Plus had an interesting start early on before it grew into what it is today. Both brothers worked nights at FedEx while getting their business degrees at the University of Memphis. As a side business to make extra money to get through college, they started buying items at discount stores and reselling online. This side business quickly grew into more than a side job, when they realized they could turn this into a real career. They spent countless hours researching overstock companies and spent years building their rapport with different big liquidation companies. They officially started the business in 2011 with an initial investment of $1000 each. They went from working out of their bedrooms to a garage, and eventually it grew into what it is today.

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422 Hwy 51,
North Hernando, MS 38362

+1 (662) 420 7422

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